Risk Of Overheat

There are many factors that could mean your building project is at risk of overheating

When you’re planning a building project, there are many factors to consider, and one vital one is thermal comfort and risk of overheat. Many buildings are now at greater risk due to an increase of airtightness, communal heating systems and window to wall ratios.

Due to this, thermal comfort plays a large role in the early stages of a building design project. This has become especially common in London due to the increase of multi residential developments, and particularly where there are window opening restrictions due to the location.

At Pro Sustainability we can advise on more holistic approaches such as thermal comfort to ensure your building isn’t at risk of overheating.

By performing a thermal comfort analysis, we are able to use a simulation that predicts the comfort levels of the building. It not only ensures you are meeting the correct regulations and standards, but it allows us to understand the required comfort levels needed in the current climate.

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As well as performing a thermal comfort analysis, we can help with:

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