Sustainability Statements

What can a Sustainability Statement include?

  • Water Efficiency Calculations.
  • Flood Risk Analysis & Drainage Strategy.
  • Community Impact.
  • Transport Impacts.
  • The Sourcing of Materials.
  • Impact on Pollution.
  • Impact on Ecology.

The purpose of a Sustainability Statement is to secure a more holistic approach to sustainability within a development. It is a common requirement by an increasing number of Local Authorities in the pre-planning stage.

Whether you are asked for a Sustainability Statement or report, both refer to a comprehensive document that demonstrates how a development will comply with the ‘core policies’ set by the local council.

Some councils might request completing a Sustainability Checklist, setting out the key principles for sustainable developments, which can be used to meet compliance.

While Energy Statements focus include the Energy side, Sustainability Statements have a much wider scope. Some of the elements they include would be:

  • Water efficiency calculations
  • Flood risk & surface water reporting
  • Construction waste/ demolition waste reduction
  • Waste recycling measures
  • Ecological impact
  • Life cycle and embodied carbon
  • Sourcing of materials
  • Health and wellbeing; thermal and visual and acoustic comfort
  • Energy and carbon

The design should also consider flexible use, and the future adaptation to changing lifestyles.

The size of the development determines what policies need to be addressed

Pro Sustainability statement

Why Pro Sustainability?

We can liaise with the Local Planning Authority on your behalf.
Our Sustainability Statements and reports follow the requirements and conditions of the Local Authority, presenting them in a clear way to avoid any delay in your application.
We research your council requirements and discuss them with you.
We discuss your project, along with the options available, to make sure the report presents a realistic and achievable approach, in the most cost-effective way.

When we build, let us think that we build forever.

– John Ruskin