Energy Statements

What do Energy Statements include?

  • Your borough/council requirements
  • Measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce the energy demand
  • Measures to reduce the overall carbon emissions
  • Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies analysis in terms of suitability and feasibility

Energy statements are often required by a Local Planning Authority (LPA) to demonstrate how the local planning policy will be met. Planning policies vary from one council to another, but have the common objective of improving the energy efficiency of buildings and introducing renewable technologies where possible.

The Energy Statement report is a supporting document within your overall planning application. This applies for both Domestic and Commercial developments.

The Energy Statement will demonstrate how your project will achieve the required targets. The LPA regulations will usually stipulate a percentage reduction in CO2 emissions that must be achieved to satisfy the condition. The reduction is against the current Part L Building Regulations targets. Certain councils might also request that a certain percentage of energy used on site must be generated by a renewable resource.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has set out ambition sustainability targets for developments within its planning framework ‘The London Plan’. Please read about this further on our London Plan Energy Strategy

Pro Sustainability Energy Statement

Why Pro Sustainability?

We are happy to liaise with the Local Planning Authority on your behalf.
Our energy statements follow the Local Authorities requirements and conditions and present it in a clear way to avoid any delay in your application.
We will research your council requirements and discuss them with you
We will make sure we discuss your project, along with the options available, to make sure the report presents a realistic and achievable approach, in the most cost effective way.