Post Occupancy Evaluation

What does a Post Occupancy Evaluation POE include?

  • Operational performance
  • Occupants’ Satisfaction
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Buildings are designed to deliver on certain requirements and to perform in a defined way. The final delivery will have an impact on running costs, occupants’ wellbeing and satisfaction, as well as environmental impacts.

A POE is carried out to obtain data and feedback about the performance of the building once it is in use. This is done through energy audits, monitoring, questionnaires and interviews.  

A POE provides a structured evaluation of a building, measuring how successfully the project was delivered. Importantly, a POE also identifies the potential for further improvement in reducing the running costs, and improving the experience of the occupants.

A POE is becoming mandatory on many public projects, as it helps in meeting the complex needs of occupants, it improves the performance of building through remedy work and improvements to close the performance gap. A POE also encourages good building design by allowing others to learn from the experience of constructing each building.

Pro Sustainability Post Occupancy Evaluation

Why Pro Sustainability

We perform a comprehensive study of your building, dedicating enough time to gather all data required, as well as interviewing the occupants to a have full understanding of the building use.
We prepare a clear and detailed report, including a recommendations section, to remedy any issues and assist to fulfil the optimum potential of the building.