Overshadowing Assessment

When would you need an overshadowing analysis?

  • local authorities might have concerns that your building might overshadow gardens or open spaces
  • To study the effect of various massing strategies within a development
  • For optimising the positioning of Solar panels

Local Authorities might request an Overshadowing (Shading) analysis if they are expecting new buildings to over shade neighbouring gardens or open spaces. Usually this will be along a Daylight and Sunlight impact assessment.

What does the BRE recommend?

The BRE guidelines recommend that at least half of the garden or open space can receive at least two hours sunlight on March 21. It also sets the maximum allowable reduction.

Shadow plots for other times of the year and day (transient overshadowing) can also be provided.  Such analysis can be used to investigate effects on PV panels, and optimise their positing.

How do we assess Overshadowing?

Through modelling of both the existing buildings and the proposed, we investigate whether proposed buildings shade existing or proposed open spaces, using the Suncast application we can investigate the shading effect in half hourly intervals. Furthermore, we can advise you on maximum massing options to reduce any potential impact.

Pro Sustainability Overshadowing

Why Pro Sustainability?

We use sophisticated software (IES-ve) to model both the existing and the proposed layouts
We work collaboratively with the design team, discussing and modelling options to reduce any possible impact