What is SAP?

Also known as SAP Calculations, SAP Ratings or SAP Certificates, SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure and is the government’s recommended method system for measuring energy ratings of residential properties.

A SAP is carried out to show compliance with building regulations when working on projects such as converting an existing property into any number of dwellings, a new domestic build or when an extension or conservatory requires glazing.

Upon completion of a SAP, an EPC is produced which is required on any dwelling created after the 1st April 2008. A full SAP EPC is valid for ten years and is required on builds such as conversions, new builds or when a building has been changed from a house to a flat.

It’s recommended that a SAP is carried out in the early stages of the project, and it performed by using SAP software. It requires information such as the measurements of the walls, floors, roof and windows as well as information on the plans, sections and elevations.

At Pro Sustainability we can carry out SAP calculations to ensure your project is in line with the Building Regulations in England, Wales and Scotland

We have a true passion for offering holistic approaches to sustainability in the built environment. By taking some simple steps, we can ensure your project is environmentally responsible whilst meeting the current regulations, and we can offer help in many areas.

Our services include:

Whatever the demands of your project may be, we promise to:

  • Offer a holistic approach to your project
  • Study several options to meet the guidelines
  • Collaborate with your design team to reach desired results

Whilst we are still in our infancy, we bring many years of experience and a true passion for finding sustainable solutions in buildings. We believe that we can create environmentally friendly buildings that are comfortable, stylish and people-friendly.

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