TM52 Assessment

What happens during a TM52 Assessment?

Designed to inform developers and project managers on the current indoor environment of a building, a TM52 assessment is carried out to ensure it meets the right standards set.

The TM52 assessment sets the standards for the limit of thermal comfort and will look at:

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Comfort and discomfort
  • 2.1 Our thermal sense
  • 2.2 How can we judge if a building is overheating?
  • 2.3 Behaviour and discomfort
  • 3 Predicting discomfort
  • 3.1 The basics
  • 3.2 Investigating and modelling thermal comfort
  • 3.3 Predicted mean vote (pmv) and predicted percentage dissatisfied (ppd) using the heat balance model of comfort
  • 3.4 Other considerations
  • 4 The basis of comfort standards
  • 4.1 Existing standards
  • 4.2 Problems for standards
  • 5 Risk of overheating
  • 5.1 Problems with a single temperature overheating limit
  • 5.2 Discomfort as a function of a deviation from comfort temperature
  • 6 CIBSE recommendations for identifying overheating
  • 6.1 CIBSE guidance
  • 6.2 Overheating in mechanically cooled buildings

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As well as being able to assist with a TM52 assessment, we can also provide help when you require a TM59 Assessment or a BB101 for schools.

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