Pro Sustainability Ltd

We are pleased to announce the launch of Pro Sustainability Ltd, a consultancy encouraging an holistic approach to sustainability in the built environment.

COVID-19 is changing the world as we know it and it is undoubtedly a time of great uncertainty. Pollution and GHG have fallen across the word but none of us wanted them to drop in this way.

China’s carbon emissions dropped during their lockdown but, as their restrictions are loosened, we are seeing them beginning to rise once again.

The same is likely to be true for us here in the United Kingdom. As the economy recovers from the impact of this outbreak, the lower emissions that we are experiencing now will probably be proven temporary. We need to plan for the times ahead, when we reach the end of this tunnel.

How will we tackle our carbon reduction targets within the building sector? That’s where we at Pro Sustainability fit in.

We hope you and your dearest are safe and well. Our hearts are with allof those affected.

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